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5 Days Mount Kenya Tour

5 Days

Highland Adventure and Trekking

Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-highest peak, offers trekking and climbing opportunities. The mountain’s diverse ecosystems are a haven for unique wildlife.


Check-in to a lodge/hotel in the foothills.
Acclimatization and relaxation.
Overnight stay near Mount Kenya.

Start trekking towards Sirimon Gate.
Hike through montane forest.
Overnight stay at Old Moses Camp.

Continue trekking towards Shipton's Camp.
Alpine vegetation and scenic views.
Overnight stay at Shipton's Camp.

Early morning summit hike to Point Lenana.
Witness sunrise from the peak.
Descend to Old Moses Camp.
Overnight stay at Old Moses Camp.

Descend to Sirimon Gate.
Transfer to your accommodation.
Departure from Mount Kenya.